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A business trip for Palm Computing sent four of us from warm, sunny California to Montpellier, France where it snowed ALL DAY LONG on Tuesday. This is the most snow they've had in several years, they tell us. We actually saw a guy driving a snow plow this morning! This must have been his one exciting day of the year...

Check the Montpellier weather forecast, or take a look at the latest European satellite images.

Click on any of the small images (on the pages listed below) to see larger (800x600) versions.

Be sure to also check out my snow movie (QuickTime, 3MB download). OK, if you have a slow connection you might not think it's such a great video, unless you grew up somewhere where there's no snow (like Santa Barbara, for example).

There are SO many pictures, I decided to break them up into separate pages:


Last Update

First pictures from our trip to Montpeller, including the snow, taken Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

Thursday 3am PST

Office pictures from Montpellier, taken on Tuesday.

Thursday 3am PST

Place de la Comédie pictures from Montpellier, taken on Tuesday evening.

Thursday 3am PST

More office pictures from Montpellier (with people even!), taken on Wednesday.

Saturday 12pm PST (name corrections)

Pictures from dinner and dessert @ Bob & Barrie's place, taken Wednesday evening.

Thursday 3am PST

Pictures from lunch, taken Thursday afternoon.

Thursday 9:30am PST

Pictures from our meeting, taken Thursday afternoon.

Thursday 9:30am PST

Pictures from dinner, taken Thursday evening.

Saturday 10am PST (new)

There's one more (picture) coming shortly...


These pages were created very quickly on a Macintosh PowerBook G3, using Claris Home Page 2.0 and GraphicConverter, and uploaded with NetFinder.

All images and movies were captured (at HQ resolution: 1600x1200, medium quality) with my new Olympus C&endash;2020 Zoom digital camera, and transferred to the PowerBook using the MicroTech Digital FlashFilm PC-Card reader for SmartMedia cards where I reduced them to 800x600 and 160x120.

Last update 6/11/2004