Steve & Audra's New (First) Baby Shopping List

Since we have several friends who are having their first baby, we decided to compile a list of all of the cool things we've discovered (in some cases after much research) in hopes of possibly helping our friends save a little time in getting some of the stuff they'll need for their new baby (and maybe avoid wasting time or money on things they might not actually need)...

Here we go, in no particular order...

Baby Registries:


Strollers, car seats, baby carriers:

Diapers and such:

Bottles and formula and such:

Audra breast feeds, but we still have quite a collection of Avent bottles and accessories. There's much we could add to this section. Suffice it to say that there are some things that are useful to just about everyone (except people who refuse to ever use a bottle) including:

On the subject of breast pumps, we'll offer the following advice: If the mother is going back to work and needs to pump, then the Medela Pump In Style breast pump is the top of the line but highly recommended model for the working mom. Otherwise, for occasional pumping by the stay-at-home mom (to ease engorgement), the Avent manual pump may be fine. Then again, for the mom who needs to increase her supply, you can't beat a hospital-grade rental pump since (like the Medela) you may need to (or want to) pump both sides at once -- something that is not possible with the manual pump. Looking back, I think the best advice might be to wait until after the baby comes, and see how things go before you invest in a breast pump that might be the wrong one for your actual needs.

Again for Bay Area people - in particular people near El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, we have found the lactation consultants at "Maternal Connections" to be VERY helpful. They'll come see you in the hospital if you give birth at ECH, which we did not. However, our pediatrician (Dr. Patricia Samson of Camino Medical Group) referred us when it appeared that our baby wasn't quite gaining the weight that she should be. Anyway, they offer consultations and also weekly support groups, as well as free access to infant scales that can be used to monitor weight gain and feeding volumes. They also have a great library of books and videos that can be checked out.

For supporting the baby while feeding, we have two nursing pillows and love both of them:

Birthing classes and assistants (aka "doula"):

If you're interested in (or curious about) having a birthing assistant, we highly recommend the services of Heather Moll at Birth 'N' Babies. We found out about Heather from Audra's gynecologist (at Women's Health in Portola Valley). We then attended one of her "open house" sessions, and subsequently decided to take her childbirth classes and also hired her to be our birthing assistant. We were very pleased with everything. She really helps with the entire birthing process. Things can move quickly when the time comes; if you want everything to go as well as it possibly can, having a birthing assistant is a great way to go. She stays with you the entire time (as opposed to nurses who come and go with shift changes) so you have someone who knows the whole process and is essentially your advocate throughout the whole experience. She has worked with all of the doctors at Women's Health (and lots of others as well). She's assisted in almost a thousand births, at many of the area's hospitals and is intimately familiar with everything that is so new to you as first-time parents. It's well documented that birthing assistants greatly reduce the need for medical intervention (even in the hospital), including epidurals and C-sections. If you want to know more, just email her or ask us.

Other odds and ends:

That's all, folks!

If you made it this far, we hope you've found something here that was helpful. If so, or if you have any comments or things you think we should add, drop us a line and let us know.

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