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I prefer to do business with people or companies that others have referred to me (as opposed to blindly picking someone out of the phone book). In addition, I like to refer my friends to businesses that are reputable -- it's good for the business and it helps my friends. If you feel the same way, then please support the businesses on the list below. I get nothing out of it, except the satisfaction of knowing that you'll be happy and won't get ripped off, and that the business will be positively rewarded with your patronage.

My friends and I like to say that if we want to screw something up, we can do it ourselves for free. If we want to pay someone else to do something, then we expect them to do a stellar job.

Car Repair:


Home Repair:

Real Estate/Taxes/Financial:

More to come...

If there's a person or business you'd like to contribute to my referrals page, please help us all out: let me know, and I'll add them!

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