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    I collect Alice in Wonderland books. Up until recently, I was mainly interested in the illustrations, fascinated by the various ways the imaginative story has been depicted over the years. Of course, the story is delightful as well! The mind's eye can generate wonders, and when it has a talented artist at its call, we all get to experience magic. I recently attended a talk by John Docherty, a leading authority on Lewis Carroll and author of "The Literary Products of the Lewis Carroll-George Macdonald Friendship", and it renewed my interest in the Alice story. Its meaning is infinitely more layered than I ever imagined.

    I sometimes buy other books for their illustrations, mostly children's books (e.g. Wind in the Willows) but also fantasy novels like The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. I occasionally buy calendars for the same reason. Artists like the Hildebrandt Brothers are amazing and in my childhood inspired my imagination through their Tolkien calendars.

    I am considering someday illustrating (and perhaps writing) children's books. I received Writing With Pictures by Shulevitz as a gift, and it's truly inspirational for me.

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  • Some great Alice in Wonderland paintings by Rodney Matthews (artist who painted the Asia album covers, the Wonderland art link are at the end of the main text)
  • Hildebrandt Brothers (also their gallery, Spiderwebart Gallery)

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