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  • Personal interests and obsessions: art
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  • Tech career in Animation/Motion Capture/Computer Graphics/Video.

    My work interests are in the field of computer graphics and animation software. Until not long ago, I was a partner in an LLC called TestaRossa (later referred to as ToolsInMotion) based out of Los Angeles. I worked from home. My partners had a lot of experience working in motion-capture, animation, movies, special effects, and video games.

    We worked on the biomechanical human animation tools and motion editing tools in Nichimen Graphics' Mirai 3D graphics package. Unfortunately, Nichimen Graphics went out of business when the economy went south so we had to move on to other things. Last time I looked, Mirai was being advertised by IZWare. I don't know if their web page is current or old news though. Our focus was on motion-captured animation. We also sold a batch-mode animation tool called Vroom that can process huge sets of animation data all at once and an integrated library of human animation Mirai plug-ins called Tune Up Vol. I. The TestaRossa technology received some awards, including an Emmy award for  technical work on a production for the 1998 Winter Olympic Games for CBS Sports (sadly, that was right before I joined) and our software got great reviews from respected special effects and game companies. I took a hiatus from TestaRossa for a while (didn't work with them but remained a partner) to join a startup called Enroute Imaging (They later merged with Be Here Technologies). Before I joined, their focus was on stitching still images into panoramas using QuickStitch. When I joined their team, I helped to develop sample applications and libraries for their First Person software, 360-degree video technology on the Sony PlayStation 2. Britney Spears' Dance Beat for PlayStation 2 (THQ) hit the market in 2002 using our technology. Before Enroute and TestaRossa, I worked at Electronic Arts, developing motion capture software tools, processing motion capture data, and then developing an animation engine for a sports video game. Prior to EA, I contracted for what at the time was called the Visual Computing group at Hewlett Packard Labs research

    TestaRossa is now no longer an LLC, although I miss working with those guys. My partners went to work at Sony Pictures Imageworks. Computer graphics is on the back burner for me at the moment. I'm taking a long break to be a stay-at-home Mom! Honestly, the need to solve non-child-related problems is currently taking over my life. I joined the web design team at my daughter's school to learn some new and useful things. Does my personal web site need a side bar? No...but it was fun to learn PHP, CSS, and JavaScript using my web site as a guinea pig! :-)

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