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  • Dogs

    In November, 2004, our dear Golden Retriever Amber left us. She will always be in our heart and minds. We then adopted a new friend named Tiffany for our sweet mixed breed, Sienna. Tiffany came to us unexpectedly. She's Amber's great-niece and I sometimes think Amber sent her to us. Then in October, 2007, Sienna sadly joined Amber. We miss her dearly. Here are some photos of Sienna and Amber in adulthood.

    Sienna makes herself at home in a laundry basket.

    Sienna smiling in our back yard.

    Our sorely missed Amber and Sienna.

    Sienna and Amber share dreams together.

    Sienna relaxes in the grass during a photo shoot.

    Our sweet Amber.

    Here is our beautiful Tiffany:

    Tiffany in the back yard.

    Tiffany in the back yard again.


  • Here is the link for Norcal Golden Rescue
  • Sherwood Golden Retrievers (this is where we bought Amber and we got Tiffany from this breeder as well! Trac was Amber's father and Jenna was her mother. Both sadly passed away and should be on the Memorials page. Trac was Tiffany's grandfather.)
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