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    People who know me will probably know I have a bizarre interest in weather and natural phenomena. But sorry folks, I don't do predictions. I personally witnessed an F2 tornado in 1998 in Sunnyvale, CA. It was only a few miles from my front yard. I didn't have a camera with me at the time, and I really wish I did. Honestly, I was standing there hypnotized but telling myself I should be taking the dogs and finding a safe place. Instead, I was yapping on the phone to my husband, who had just seen the funnel cloud pass by in Mountain View amid large hail. I had a perfect side view of the funnel cloud and could see the rotation of the cloud.

    Sunnyvale/Los Altos Tornadoes of 1998:
    Sunnyvale Sun Cover Story
    Paper on these anticyclonic tornadoes, SFSU
    Summary and photos from SFSU
    NSSL SWAT case study
    National Climatic Data Center Santa Clara County information
    Sunnyvale Tornado of 1951:
    Chiyo Winters, video
    General information:
    Latest Earthquake Information
    Storm Prediction Center
    Severe and Hazardous Weather
    Wild Weather

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